Add or Remove Student from Session Series

Here are instructions on adding and/or removing students from a session series:

1)  On the calendar screen, open the session from the date the change occurred. (Only unposted sessions can be edited. "Unpost" must be selected for posted sessions prior to making any changes)

2) To make a permanent change to an existing session series, select the "Edit Session Series" icon in the upper right-hand corner.


3) This will open the "Edit Session Series" menu. Next choose the "Select Students" icon.


4) The select student menu opens listing all students on the Service Provider's caseload. Place a checkmark next to the student name to add and uncheck to remove. When all the student's names are checked that belong in the session series select "Okay".


5)  Next, select the blue "Settings" icon to the right of Recurrence. Then set the recurrence pattern.


6) Once the Recurrence Pattern has been verified, select "Apply".


7) Lastly, select "Save" on the "Edit Session Series" menu. Now your students will be updated. 



Also, see Edit Session Series.

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