Personal Care Sessions - Instructional Support

  • To add a session and/or session series select the green "Add Session" action icon in the upper right-hand corner of your home screen (calendar). 


  • From the Service drop-down, you will choose Personal Care- Instructional Support. Next fill in a Session Description, Place of Service, Date, Time and Type. Unless otherwise prescribed in the Student's IEP please select "Group" for Session Type. If you don't have access to the student's IEP please consult your teacher or diagnostician. 



  • Select the student or students from the student dropdown menu. Make sure to select Yes for recurring if the session repeats regularly. For a detailed video tutorial click here: X Logs- Creating Sessions


  • Once your schedule is set up you are ready to start posting your sessions on a daily or weekly basis.


  • When you open up your session to edit and/or post there are a few items that need to be filled in. 



  • First, check off the activities worked on during the session under "Description of Activities" at the top of your Edit Session page. 


  • Then next to each student's name indicate if the student or students are "Present in Session" or "Not Present in Session". If Present make sure the "Actual Start & End" times are correct. You can use the "Time Away from Student" box if the student is pulled away from your care during that scheduled time. (Ex. The student is in your care from 9-2 but leaves your care for Speech Therapy for an hour.)


  • Next under each students name check mark the activities and/or accommodations provided to the student during the scheduled session. PC_article.png
  • Now the session is ready to "Save and Post". Select the blue "Save and Post" icon. A pop up may occur asking if you would like to "Update Future Sessions". To save the session information to future reoccurring sessions select Yes and then press "Apply". Update_Sessions.png
  • You are now taken to the Session Audit screen where you can select "Post Session". Type in your password to electronically sign and select "ok". What is my electronic signature? Electronic_Sig.png


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