Team Leader Calendar Overlay

Team Leaders now have the ability to manage sessions through a calendar overlay tool. Please see the following steps for an overview of the Team Leader calendar view. 

*Please note- The following steps are only available when navigating in the Team Leader Role



1. While logged in a Team Leader, select the Calendar icon on the top left of your screen



2. The Calendar View will then appear. 



3. The filters above the calendar will filter down to the desired view. 



Session Status: Posted, Unsubmitted, or Submitted. Select All displays all statuses 

Service Provider: Shows all providers with submitted sessions on your caseload. Can select one, multiples or all providers. 

School: Shows all schools locations that selected provider's serve 


4. Sessions will have different display colors for each status 



Orange: Team Leader's personal sessions

Blue: Service Provider's submitted sessions 

Yellow: Unsubmitted sessions

Green: Posted Sessions


5. Sessions can be managed (posted, edited and moved) from the calendar view or in Session Management. 











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