Progress Reporting


We have developed a Progress Reporting report to help districts utilize the data being tracked on a daily basis for the students they provide services to in X Logs. Users now have the ability to run a progress report from within X Logs to act as a stand alone report where providers are able to copy and paste or import the data into their IEP vendor software. This report can be used in conjunction with the goal chart to provide visuals on tracking progress.


Please follow the steps provided below to access the report.

  • From your home screen, select the Report Action Icon on the left side of the screen.PR1.png


  • Select Progress Reports under District Reports. 


  • Select the Custom Date Range option and enter your start and end date for the reporting period.


  • The next section allows you to select additional filters for running your report.

School Filter - This filter defaults to selecting All Campuses available in your district.  Click the dropdown to designate a specific campus(es) to sort by school.

Student Filter - This filter defaults to selecting all students with posted sessions during the designated date range.  Click the dropdown to designate a specific child(ren) or continue with all selected to run a report on all children.


  • At the bottom of the Filter box, there is an option to Include Data from other Providers. If selected, this option will include data from other providers who have documented on the same goal(s) / objective(s) that you have documented on during this progress reporting period.


  • Click Apply Filter.
  • The students selected via the Student Filter Dropdown will appear on the right hand side of the screen in the Students with Progress Notes section giving you a second opportunity to Select All or select specific children you would like to report on.


  • Click Generate Report once you have selected the students you would like to report on.  The report will automatically download as an Excel file with the naming convention of ProgressReport_20171013.xls.



Report Sample and Specifics:



***Numbers identified in above report correspond to the descriptions below.


The report is designed to hold information in each row particular to one goal and one service provider.  When multiple providers have documentation on the same goal, and you selected to “Include Data from other Providers”, you will see as many rows as providers for the same goal (i.e. when two providers reported on the same goal, two rows for that goal will appear on your report). 


1.Goal / Objective Progress - There are three ways to report progress on a goal / objective within X Logs: Student Observation, Successes/Attempts, or Mastery %.  Student Observation and Mastery % are the fields represented on the progress report.



  • When the only option selected is a Student Observation (qualitative data) your selection appears on the report, however, displays as N/A in Column I and does not impact the aggregated data.


  • Mastery % is included on the report when either a percentage is entered in X Logs or when
  • Successes / Attempts are entered (auto-calculated as %).


  •  N/A appears when only a Student Observation is entered with no mastery % or attempts / successes.  N/A entries are not part of the calculation for aggregated data (see below).
  • 0% appears when that was the percentage entered (i.e. “0%” or 0/10 successes / attempts)


2. Aggregated Data - There are two columns displaying aggregated data; one by provider and one by team.

  • Provider Aggregated Data. This is calculated using the sum Mastery %, divided by the number of sessions a mastery percentage was recorded.
  • Team Aggregated Data. This column collects the sum Mastery % among all providers documenting on that goal, divided by the total number of times a Mastery % was recorded for that goal. This allows for an easy comparison between provider aggregated data and team aggregated data to demonstrate the student’s progress. In the example below, we can see that two provider’s have the same Team Aggregated Data because they were both working on the same goal with the same student.


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