Access Additonal Student Goals

When a user enters into the “Edit Session View” of X Logs, the default goals/objectives that appear are those that the “Area of Focus” of the goal match the “Service Area” of the session. However, the system does allow for users to access other goals/objectives that have been created in X Logs and report/chart progress on them. Users can select “Access Additional Student Goals” (see screenshot below) to view goals/objectives. 


Once the link has been selected, X Logs will provide the user with all goals/objectives that are in “Active” status that are not already defaulted in the “Edit Session View” (see screenshot below). If user needs to report/chart progress on any goals/objectives listed in this screen, then the user can select the checkbox and then “save” to add goal/objective to “Edit Session View”. Please note if the session is part of a series/recurring pattern and 'Yes' is chosen when the prompt 'Apply to future sessions’ appears, this goal will appear for the remainder of the series until the goal is no longer active or expires. 

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