X logs Managing Goals and Objectives



Goals in Session
When a user enters into the “Edit Session View” of X Logs, the default goals/objectives that appear are those that the “Area of Focus” of the goal matches the “Service Area” of the session. The goal duration dates must also align with the Provider's session date.
 Access Additional Student Goals

X Logs does allow for users to access other goals/objectives that have been created in X Logs and report/chart progress on them. Users have the ability to access all goals created that are active and the date range falls within the date of the session regardless of Goal Type. Users can select a goal here to add to the Edit Session View and report progress on. 




Exclude Goals
Users also have the ability to hide/exclude any goals created for the student so that they will not appear in the "Access Additional Goals" nor the "Edit Session View" without impacting the goal access for any other user. If a user needs access to this goal again, they simply need to uncheck the goal in this area in order to add them back to the "Access Additional Goals" area.  




Quick Glance

A quick reference to the historical progress recorded in X Logs for a particular goal that appears when clicking the blue 'i' next to a goal. (shown below)
**PLEASE NOTE** A blue 'i' will only appear if historical observations have been made within X logs


 Trials and Mastery Charts
These charts illustrate historical progress for a particular goal that appear when selecting the links to the right of the goal. (shown below)
**PLEASE NOTE** Charts will only show data if historical observations have been made within X logs







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