IT Checklist

 IT Checklist 

___  Ensure staff have a device that meets at least the minimum requirements according to MSB Recommendations and Requirements 

___  Ensure staff have sufficient internet connection

___  Ensure staff have permissions to disable Popup Blockers and Clear Browsing History on school computers

___ Approve MSB email domains and websites to ensure access


Special Considerations

In environments where students and faculty share the same internet connection, care should be taken to determine the total number of potential users accessing the system.  Faculty and students will often be accessing the internet connection at the same time, increasing the load substantially at certain times of the day. 

MSB™ recommends having a minimum of 56Kbps of bandwidth per concurrent user accessing X logs.    A district utilizing a single T1 line at 1.5 Mbps could support roughly 27 concurrent users and still maintain a full 56kbps of bandwidth per user.  Using a standard 10:1 user ratio, this district could support roughly 270 potential users on this single T1.  Using a 6:1 ratio would yield roughly 160 potential users. 


*Please note

In order for an MSB representative to complete a successful training, connection to a wireless network must be available.







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