MSB Training/Workshop Recommendations and Requirements



  • Separate sessions for Personal Care and Therapy providers whenever possible
    • Personal Care- allow 2 hours per training session
    • Therapy Providers- allow 2 hours per training session
  • Preferred class size of 30 providers or less
  • Connection to a wireless network is required to complete a successful training

Pre-Training/Workshop Checklist

Prior to training date, please ensure the details below have been completed:

____Ensure IT department has completed the minimum requirements listed in the IT Checklist 

____ Ensure each provider being trained is provided a laptop, desktop or tablet with Internet access, meeting minimum requirements listed in the MSB System Recommendations and Requirements 

____Each provider should bring their student caseload to training whenever possible

____Projector, Smartboard, etc. to display presentation and demonstrate product

____Network Key to the district’s Wi-Fi for presenter and all attendees


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