Welcome Back!

We wanted to share that we have increased our resources in order to assist you in getting your X Logs account updated for this school year! We have individual and small group workshops available that allow you to get your caseload and calendar set-up for the year. We also have extended our Client Care Hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm) and webinar trainings to help with new staff. We hope that you will take advantage of these complimentary opportunities to get going this year!   


Please click the email address of the MSB rep that is in your region to schedule:

  • Yomi Moreno – Regions 2, 3, 20 yomi@msbconnect.com
  • Leslie Chavis – Regions 3, 4, 5 leslie@msbconnect.com
  • Jeff White – Regions 7, 8 jeff@msbconnect.com
  • Chapel Deaton – Regions 9, 14, 18 chapel@msbconnect.com
  • Angel Armijo – Regions 6, 12, 13 angel@msbconnect.com
  • Jenn Harris – Regions 10, 11, 12 jen@msbconnect.com
  • Alyssa Segroves – Regions 16, 17 alyssa@msbconnect.com


Webinar Training

Click here to register for one of our webinar trainings!


Video Tutorials

Click here to watch any of our video tutorials.

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