eSPED- Adding Personal Care Supplement LPHA Signature Line


If the Personal Care Supplement does not have an LHPA** signature line, the following steps describe how to add this signature line within the eSPED software. 

**LPHA: “Other licensed practitioner of the healing arts” means any health practitioner …who is licensed in the State to diagnose and treat individuals with the physical or mental disability or functional limitations at issue, and operating within the scope of practice defined in State law.” CMS Rule 2261-P


  1. Go to ADMIN-ARD Application
  2. Click on the tab Descriptor of Services and Supports Add/Select
  3. Click New and complete as the district would like the Personal Care Supplement to be addressed
  4. It will then appear as an option after choosing the "Add Selections" button. It will appear on the screen chosen to put the verbiage on (We chose to make this show up on the Services/Supports portion of the schedule page)


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