Managing Inactive Goals

In X Logs, goals will become "Inactive" once the Termination Date has passed. Providers still have access to these goals in X Logs for back billing purposes. 

1.To view a Student's goals select the "Goals and Objectives" blue link when in the Edit Session view. 


2. When looking for an expired goal, check the box next to "Include Inactive Goals" and then select the inactive goal needed. 


3. Once the goal has been selected, the Goal Details page will appear. This is where the goal can be made active . Scroll all the way down to the bottom of  this page to " 'Goal Status' Active?". Select Y for YES and Save. 


***PLEASE NOTE*** The goal will then be available to post past sessions. Please go ahead and post as soon as the goal is active, as it will return to inactive the following day. 



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